Why English-Comics in the Classroom

The stories in Why English? Comics for the Classroom – written by teenagers and young adults – will appeal to learners of all ages. These stories provide an enjoyable opportunity to increase vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening, speaking, and writing. The stories and exercises together are a whole-language anthology designed to improve communication skills. This book provides exercises that employ the cooperative/collaborative learning philosophy and address multiple learning styles.

Notes for Teachers

This section includes a table of contents, information about the project and how teachers can use these comics in their classrooms.

Story 1: Are You Ready to Learn English?

This is a story about Jose, who learns the importance of learning English. Comprehension questions, vocabulary and grammar exercises and activities are included at the end of the story.

Story 2: Sayuri’s Story

Boy meets girl. She speaks English and he can’t understand her. What does he do? Read about how this relationship sparked one boy’s passion to study English.

Story 3: Andrea

Sometimes a friend’s advice is the most important motivator. Read about how Andrea finally began to study English.

Story 4: Love, Music, and Language

Love is a powerful motivator. So is music. Read Dana’s story about learning English, singing in English and falling in love.

Story 5: Lost in the Desert

In this story, a visitor from another planet gets lost on Earth. Can he find someone to help him before his battery runs out?

Story 6: Julia

Julia loves English, but her parents don’t see the value in her learning this language. One day, a visitor comes to their farm. Does he change their view of English?

Story 7: I Need a Bear

Juan and Diego are alike in many ways except for one little thing: Diego knows English and Juan doesn’t. When lost, one finds a bed, and one finds a bear. Find out how English makes a difference!

Story 8: Gateway to Success

Where are your former classmates today? When Mr. Lois discovers the new job of one of his former classmates, it changes him.

Story 9: Opportunities

Meet Cuy. He has a goal and works toward the goal. Does he achieve it? Read and find out!

Story 10: English in the Countryside

How are sheep and English related? Find out in the story about sheep that help keep people around the world warm.

Story 11: A Modern World’s Language

Want more reasons to learn English? This comic outlines facts about English and offers advice on how to help you learn the language.

Story 12: Matt, All Is Better with English

In this story, learn some of the opportunities provided by learning English.

Story 13: York en Nueva York

Read the story of a young man named York who dreams of going to New York. Once he gets a job in New York, things are not as he imagined. Read how his life changes for the better.

Story 14: Do You Speak English?

In this story, the main character has the dream of becoming a lawyer but isn’t able to get a job after graduation. Read and find out what happens next.

Story 15: English Part of My Life

This story gives some advice about learning English, including having a positive attitude and being responsible.

Story 16: Friki

In this story, the main character uses his love of video games to learn English.

Story 17: Studying English Is Good

Find out all the ways that English helps the main character in this story.

Story 18: A Great Experience, A Great Trip

When on vacation, the main character encounters someone who has lost his father. Can he help? Read and find out!

Story 19: Learning English Whenever You Can

In this story, learn how the narrator, with the help of his cousin, practices all four skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) to learn English. His hard work is rewarded in the end.

Story 20: A Lucky Guy

Derek travels to the U.S. Find out all the opportunities he misses throughout his stay because he doesn’t know English. Does he finally get a job in the end?

Story 21: I Am

The narrator in this story has a dream about being on a TV show where he sings a song in English. Unfortunately, he doesn’t quite know the lyrics! Read to find out what happens after he wakes up from his dream.

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Answer Key

This document provides the answer keys for the Comics in the Classroom materials.