In this section, English language teachers can access a lot of useful resources to help them make their English classes more effective, fun, and interesting for their learners. Here you can find articles, activities, and tips to help you become a successful teacher.

Making Meaningful Assessments

This month’s Teacher’s Corner focuses on making and designing meaningful assessments to use in the English language classroom. We will begin the month by examining what makes a meaningful assessment and then offer a series of assessment ideas that you can use and adapt to fit the needs of you and your students.

Fostering Student Motivation

This month’s Teacher’s Corner will examine ways teachers can positively impact student motivation. Begin with this reflection activity about language learning.

Literacy Development for True Beginners

To support students’ literacy development, teachers must plan thoughtful instruction that addresses each one of the elements defined above. This month’s activities can be used to help beginner-level students acquire the skills necessary to start reading or to continue developing their reading skills.

Teaching Academic Writing

In this month’s Teacher’s Corner, we examine four activities that help teachers teach academic writing.

Teaching Beginners

Teaching beginner level students can be challenging, but in this month’s Teacher’s Corner, you’ll learn strategies for helping these language learners to be successful.

Teaching Young Learners

This month’s Teacher’s Corner is about teaching young learners. This week in the Teacher’s Corner, we present ideas for using visual support in the English language classroom for young learners.

Teaching Tips & Activities (cards)

Examples of interesting teaching activities and tips for teachers in the form of flashcards