Fostering Student Motivation

This month’s Teacher’s Corner will examine ways teachers can positively impact student motivation. Begin with this reflection activity about language learning.

Reflecting on Teacher Experiences and Building Awareness of Motivation-Related Factors

You can do this reflection activity on your own or with a group of fellow teachers. If you work in a group, you might learn a few new motivational techniques from your colleagues!

Goal-Setting and Student Interest Questionnaires

This week’s teaching tip illustrates how to use beginning-of-course questionnaires to encourage students to think about motivation-related questions.

Reflection and Self-Assessment with "I Can" Checklists

This week’s teaching tip illustrates how to use an objectives-based checklist that asks students to reflect on and assess their progress. Seeing their own progress, meeting objectives, and “ticking items off a list” is intrinsically motivating to most students.

Self-Directed Learning with the "Reading Train"

This week’s teaching tip demonstrates how to use a combination of student choice, friendly competition, a visual display with a fun theme, and rewards to motivate students to read more in English.