Welcome to the English Without Borders network

English Without Borders seeks to unite teachers and students of English language at all levels across Tajikistan, supporting them through peer-to-peer networking, the development of pedagogical materials, online and in-person training sessions, and a train-the-trainers program to reach all corners of the country.

Our Mission

“We build and develop a network of English Language Teachers and Students across Tajikistan to make a positive impact in their communities.”

Our Vision

Community: EWB Network members will shape and strengthen the EWB community to make it a welcoming space for teachers and learners of English language.
Capacity: EWB Network members will enhance their teaching competencies and skills by creating, collaborating, and leading within and beyond the network.
Connectivity: EWB Network members will be engaged with peers, schools, universities, and other stakeholders to contribute to the development of education in Tajikistan.

Meet our team