Welcome to the English Without Borders network

English Without Borders (EWB), a project funded by the U.S. Embassy in Tajikistan and implemented by the PO “Durakhshi Marifat”, was officially launched on March 1, 2021. As the first and largest network for English teachers in Tajikistan, EWB embraces all the regions in the country through its regional representatives who provide support to the English teaching community in their regions.

EWB is a pioneer in the field of development and research in English teaching and learning in Tajikistan that has opened new areas and created new platforms to support English teachers and learners.

  • The first website, mobile application, and newsletter designed for English teachers and learners include a wide range of audio, video, and print materials and resources to use in EL classrooms.
  • EWB was also the first in Tajikistan to create weekly webinars for English teachers where the speakers, English language specialists, come from different parts of the world such as the U.S., Russia, El Salvador, Hungary, Tajikistan etc. Moreover, the EWB Thursday webinars are not only joined by English teachers from Tajikistan but from around the world.
  • Besides online and digital resources, EWB offers small grants for English teacher trainers to conduct in-person professional development sessions for English teachers in cities, villages, and regions.
  • The four EWB regional representatives conduct weekly informational sessions about the EWB network at different schools and universities, provide teacher training, and facilitate English conversation clubs at local American Spaces both for English teachers and learners in their regions.
  • The first two-day national conference and expo for English teachers provides a great platform for English teachers and leaders in English schools, institutions, and departments to network, share knowledge and experiences, and develop new relationships.

Our Mission

The EWB network is committed to building community, capacities, and connectivity among English language teaching professionals in Tajikistan. The EWB network is committed to empowering the English language teaching community by strengthening teaching capacities, providing a platform for sharing knowledge and connecting professionals in the field, and making teaching resources available through a wide variety of online and in-person channels and events.”

Our Vision

EWB enjoys strong partnerships with educational institutions to provide capacity-building opportunities for teachers and learners to connect and make a difference in their communities.”

Our Values

The EWB project has been shaped around a set of Core Values that support the mission and vision statements of the EWB network.

EWB’s Core Values:

  • Community: EWB Network members will shape and strengthen the EWB community to make it a welcoming space for teachers and learners of the English language.
  • Capacity: EWB Network members will enhance their teaching competencies and skills by creating, collaborating, and leading within and beyond the network.
  • Connectivity: EWB Network members will be engaged with peers, schools, universities, and other stakeholders to contribute to the development of education in Tajikistan.

Meet our team

Nasiba Mirpochoeva, EWB Director
Gulnoro Zulobieva, EWB Program Manager/Content Curator
Zuhro Saidova, EWB Public Relations Specialist/Monitoring Officer