2021 EWB National Conference & EXPO

The first EWB National Conference offers English language teaching practitioners, professionals, and scholars a great opportunity for professional exchange and development. Participants will exchange ideas and practices, explore a wide range of topics and current trends, expand their professional networks,  review the latest professional publications and resources, and learn about EWB initiatives to build community, capacity, and connectivity in Tajikistan and beyond.

2021 EWB National Conference & EXPO

Join the national EWB network in Dushanbe and experience what makes this network unique:  The EWB community welcomes English language (EL) teachers, administrators, and researchers for discussions about EL teaching and learning that will highlight innovations in the field and strengthen the EWB network. The EWB Conference and Expo will provide a platform for knowledge and professional experience exchange and capacity development.  The EWB National Conference and Expo will create a space for connecting EL  professionals to learn and lead in a challenging world. 

The EWB National Conference provides a forum for networking and collaboration; for starting, continuing, and culminating conversations; for re-envisioning the work we do as not “just” teaching, research, training, or administration but as part of an ongoing cycle of inquiry, reflection, and action. 

The EWB National Conference will bring together more than 20 keynote, featured, and concurrent sessions.  Get involved: be an active listener, share your own innovations, join the conversation.  Learn about and contribute to EWB network in the areas of professional development, teacher leadership, alumni engagement and networking.  Explore the future with the EWB network.  Engage, enrich, empower yourself, the EWB network, and the field.

Poster Session Presenters

EWB Speakers (15)

Lecturer and the Head of the English Department Office, Russian Tajik Slavonic University.

EWB Speakers (16)

English Teacher in Presidential School for Gifted students in Buston, Sughd region.

EWB Speakers (17)

English Teacher in Presidential School for Gifted Pupils in Kulob Town.

EWB Speakers (18)

Senior Instructor at Khorog State University.

EWB Speakers (20)

English Instructor, School of Professional and Continuing Education, UCA.

EWB Speakers222222

English Language Teacher, English Resource Centre, Bokhtar.

Mehrigul Saradova

English Language Teacher, UCA SPCE, Khorog.

EWB Speakers (21)

Ph.D., Associate Professor and Head of Foreign Languages Dpt. at the Institute of
Economy and Trade of TSUC.

EWB Speakers (22)

English teacher and coordinator in the English Access Microscholarship program of Vahdat.

EWB Speakers (23)

English Language Teacher, Lyceum for Gifted Students.

Expo Participants

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2021 EWB National Conference & EXPO Materials

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Useful materials from the Conference workshops and master-classes