Here you can find great resources and supplementary materials for all levels to create engaging and effective lessons.

The English Club Handbook for English Club Leaders

This handbook contains information about how to set up, manage, and lead Club meetings and activities. People who want to organize an English Club and the Club Leadership Team can read this to learn about how to organize Club meetings, techniques to use during Club meetings, problems and solutions for Club meetings, Strategies for active listening and brainstorming, and directions for organizing activities including skits, interviews, role-plays, debates, reading and writing activities, vision boards, and action plans.

The English Club Handbook for English Club Members

This handbook has topics and activities for Club meetings. Members will read this manual during Club meetings based on the directions given by the Club Leader. Topics in this section include children’s rights, leadership, democracy, freedom speech, democracy, love and marriage, health, globalization, the refugee crisis, and the environment.

The Readers Club Handbook

This handbook provides specific instructions, activities, and reading materials for participants wanting to improve their English reading abilities. Topics include strategies before reading, while reading, and after reading, strategies for viewing images and interpreting visual texts, and suggested topics for English Club settings.

English Club Manual Concise Guide

This publication, available as a downloadable resource on and as a printed material through GPS [G1114-E] for only $3.85 is a condensed version of the three manuals above. This guide aims to provide strategies for creating and sustaining an English club by providing ideas that will excite, inspire, and encourage people to practice English and create positive changes in their communities. The focus of this guide is on practicing English, not on teaching English, although some sections include definitions of useful vocabulary and expressions.