To Build Fire and Other Stories

Jack London’s To Build a Fire and Other Stories is one of the most famous collections of stories of survival in the wilderness, adapted for English language learners. With approximately 2,000 headwords, this title is appropriate for intermediate-level learners. Included in this collection are stories of the Yukon and Alaska from 100 years ago filled with colorful characters and adventures that show London’s love of life, people, and adventure, like “The Law of Life” and “The Wit of Porportuk.”

The Autobiography of Mark Twain

The Autobiography of Mark Twain is an adaptation of Twain’s autobiography. Part of the Ladder series, this title has approximately three thousand headwords and is appropriate for upper intermediate to advanced learners. Twain, who lived in the United States in the nineteenth century, is the author of such classics as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. In this volume Twain recounts colorful anecdotes from his long life.

Design for Drama

Design for Drama features a number of plays that are adapted from well-known American short stories and poems. The stories represented are ‘The Marriages’ by Henry James, ‘The Furnished Room’ by O. Henry, ‘The Devil’ and ‘Tom Walker’ by Washington Irving, ‘The Black Cat’ by Edgar Allan Poe, ‘A Horseman in the Sky’ by Ambrose Bierce, and ‘Richard Cory’ by Edwin Arlington Robinson. Design for Drama is recommended for high-intermediate and advanced learners of English.