The Gift of the Magi

The story of the Gift of the Magi describes a couple who go to great lengths to buy each other a special Christmas present.

Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen

The text and audio of this story in the Gift of the Magi are about a Thanksgiving “tradition” between an old gentleman and a homeless man: every Thanksgiving, the old gentleman treats the homeless man to a full-course meal.

The Last Leaf

This story describes a woman who catches pneumonia and wishes to die when the last leaf on an ivy vine outside her window falls.

The Furnished Room

This story tells of a man who, on the trail of a lost love, rents out a furnished room that is popular among thespians. Even though the housekeeper said that she had never seen or heard of the woman that the man seeks, he somehow feels her presence in that rented room.

Hearts and Crosses

This story tells of a Texas rancher named Webb who is not content with holding a lower rank than his wife regarding ranch affairs. He leaves to be the master of his own ranch, but is lured back by a sign that was used to signal a secret rendezvous when he and his wife were dating.

The Cop and the Anthem

This story is about a homeless man who tries to get into prison in order to get free food and keep warm during the winter. Now with classroom activities and answer key.

From the Cabby's Seat

This story is about a taxi driver who takes his rider around town.

A Retrieved Reformation

This story tells of Jimmy Valentine, a safe burglar who recently was released from prison. After robbing a few more safes, he decides to abandon his old life in favor of becoming a better citizen.

The Romance of a Busy Broker

This story is about Harvey Maxwell, a broker who works like a machine, so much so that he forgets a few important things.

After Twenty Years

This story is about a man who honors his promise to meet his best friend in the same location where they met twenty years ago, before he headed West.

Transients in Arcadia

This story is about a man and a woman who save enough money from their blue collar jobs to spend a week in luxury at a hotel.

The Count and the Wedding Guest

This story is about a woman who cannot forget her dead fiance. However, a man who lives in the same house wants to help her change her disposition.

Mammon and the Archer

This story is about a soap tycoon named Anthony Rockwall who thinks that literally anything can be bought with money.

The Caliph, Cupid and the Clock

This story is about Prince Michael of Valleluna, a prince who loves to help people and hates clocks. One night, he decides to help a man who has been nervously watching a clock.

The Green Door

This story is about Rudolf Steiner, a “true adventurer” who is always ready to try something different. One evening he gets a piece of paper that says “The Green Door.”