Guess What?

In Guess What? players take turns using English to describe words on Guess What? cards. In turns, one player describes the items with as much detail as possible, while the remaining players try to guess what the student is describing. This game works well in groups of 3-4. It can also be done as a whole class activity or as a competition among groups.

Mime the Words

In Mime the Words, the Describer is allowed to say the topic and nothing else. Instead, the Describer must describe the words on the Guess What? card using mime.

Yes, No, Maybe!

In Yes, No, Maybe!, the Describer tells the Guessers the topic on the card and the Guessers must ask yes or no questions until they discover what the words on the Guess What? card are.

You Don't Say

In You Don’t Say, the Describer describes the topic on a Guess What? card without using any of the words on the card. The goal is for the Guessers to guess the topic of the card (rather than the words).

Guess the Topic

In ‘Guess the Topic, the Describer says the six words below the topic on a Guess What? card, slowly, one at a time. The Guessers try to guess the topic after each word is read.

Guess the Words

In Guess the Words, the topic of the Guess What? card is given. The Guessers race to call out as many words that appear on the card as possible in 1 minute.