Get Up and Sing! Get Up and Move! Using Songs and Movement with Young Learners of English

The title says it all. This article explains why songs and movement are effective components of English language classes for young learners and presents lyrics, suggested movements, and options for a number of songs.

Using Favorite Songs and Poems with Young Learners

In this article, the author discusses the benefits of using songs and poems to teach young learners. The author explains how songs and poems can be used in English class and what their benefits are. The author explains how teachers can use actions or puppets to accompany the selected songs or poems, or allow young learners to create ideas themselves. Each suggestion includes an activity. The author also offers an example of a song chart.

Teaching Listening Skills to Young Learners through 'Listen and Do' Songs

This article, which examines the use of songs to improve the listening skills of young learners, contains a lesson plan and follow-up activities and a list of online resources for songs.