Amazing Animals

“Animals” is a three part lesson plan for young learners with a zoo animal theme.

Fun with Weather

This three part weather themed lesson for young learners connects weather, clothing, and feelings vocabulary.

A tale of Two Animals

An Indonesian fable is the theme of this three part lesson for young learners. Students practice with the past tense verbs used in the fable.

Health and Fitness

The theme of health offers a variety of language-learning possibilities. This three-part lesson plan for young learners can be adapted to other audiences.

Save the Palm Trees

This is a thematic lesson plan for young learners about palm trees and the importance of taking care of them. The two part lesson teaches listening, reading and speaking skills. The lesson includes parts of a tree; the modal auxiliary, can, dialogues and a role play activity.

Save the Lofty Trees

The author describes how to use the play “Save the Lofty Trees” in a classroom. The plan offers six activities that will promote student interaction, involving guided imagination, brainstorming, group-work, creative movement, and an interactive read through. This lesson plan is intended for young learners and addresses all learning styles.


This section presents two stand-alone language-learning activities with an autumn theme.
1. “How Are You, Jack-o-lantern?” is designed for students at the Upper Beginner level and can be used to build vocabulary related to emotions and encourage conversations based on them.
2. ”The Incredible Shrinking Dialogue,” for students at the Upper Intermediate level and above, teaches students to analyze a text to find the most important ideas and gives students practice in paraphrasing, speaking, and performing.

Knit a Colorful Outfit

This lesson presents a language learning activity related to the theme of knitting.