Anisa Hojieva

Anisa Hojieva is a FLEX alumna of 2011-2012. In 2017 Anisa Hojieva successfully graduated from the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics where she studied on a full scholarship. After graduation, she moved back to Tajikistan. Currently, she works for the American Councils for International Education as an EducationUSA Adviser and coordinates the EducationUSA program countrywide. For the past 3,5 years, Anisa has worked and supported more than 500 students across Tajikistan.

Bakhtibegim Mamadrayonova

Bakhtibegim Mamadrayonova holds a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Khorog State University. Currently, she is a senior English Instructor at Khorog State University and a part-time English Instructor at the School of Professional and Continuing Education of the University of Central Asia.

Bakhtiyor Davlatmurodov

English Teacher, Tajikistan.

Behruz Hafizov

English Teacher, Video Blogger on Instagram. Tajikistan.

Benjamin Bertrand

Benjamin Bertrand has taught EFL since 2005 in both China and Korea. He completed a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second language (MATESL) in 2013. In Korea, he taught university English for five years at Incheon National University. While working there, he completed all Ph.D. coursework (ABD) that focused on linguistics and second language acquisition. Recently, he completed 3 semesters as a Virtual English Fellow in China that finished this year in July of 2022. The field of TESOL, travel, and learning new languages are his passions. His current position as an English Language Fellow at Bokhtar State University has been really rewarding for him.

Bibishamsiya Safarova

Bibishamsiya Safarova is an English teacher in Levakant town. She graduated from the Pedagogical University in Bokhtar by name Nosiri Khusrav, the faculty of English language. This summer, she was a participant in the EWB Master workshop. She holds an English Club at her school twice a week and prepares students for the English Olympiads and competitions. During her experiences, she was awarded honors from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Dastagul Mahmadalieva

Dastagul Mahmadalieva is a student at Bokhtar State University, English faculty in her third year, in the correspondent course. Currently, she is an English and Science teacher in Levakant town. Additionally, she is a volunteer at the American Space Bokhtar and EWB network for two years. She participated in the EWB Intensive course with Lisa Mann and is a co-author of the EWB Idea Book for secondary school teachers.
This summer, she was a teacher trainer when at the EWB Master Workshop. This year, she also became the finalist in the English Teaching Mentor (ETM) Program.

Dilfuza Latipova

Dilfuza Latipova has been working as an English teacher for six years. She is a head methodologist of the ‘BaBalo’ education center. She gained TEFL/TESOL certifications to broaden her opportunities in her teaching. Currently, she is completing one of the online courses, Teach English: Intermediate Grammar -Strategies for teaching Perfect tense and modals by California Irvine University. She is an alumna of the English Teaching Mentor (ETM) Program. She organized several workshops and training for English teachers of the Jabbor Rasulov district. She is an awardee of the EWB Master Workshop Summer 2022.

Feruz Akbarov

Feruz Akbarov is a native of Uzbekistan who did his Bachelor of Arts in English Philology from the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages. He completed a Master’s Course at the University of Pune, India. He has been a winner of multiple awards both domestically and internationally. Feruz Akbarov conducted 22 teacher training across Uzbekistan and internationally in 2022. Feruz Akbarov is a philanthropist by nature so he has committed himself to volunteering and public engagement both at home and abroad, physically and remotely. He is the founder of a newly established ETA Uzbekistan (English Teachers’ Association) which has been in effect since October 12, 2021.

Gulnora Rajabova

Gulnora Rajabova is an English Teacher at the Branch of Lomonosov MSU in Dushanbe. She is a Fulbright FLTA alumna of 2010-2011 at Arizona State University. She has attended different conferences locally and globally (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, India, England, USA, and France). Gulnora Rajabova is the author of numerous articles devoted to English language teaching and lingua-cultural aspects of Tajik, Russian and English languages.

Gulnoz Aknazarobekova

Gulnoz Aknazarobekova is an English language teacher with 9 years of teaching experience. She worked under the projects such as the English Access Microscholarship (Access), Aga Khan Lyceum Scholarship (AGLS), and English Teaching Mentor (ETM) programs where she worked with students from disadvantaged families as well as teachers from the rural areas of Tajikistan.
Recently, she is volunteering at the EWB Network. Also, as a Fulbright TEA Media Literacy program alumna, she has been conducting training for teachers as well as students on Media Literacy.

Gulorokhon Turaeva

Gulorokhon Turaeva is a Teacher of English at Khujand State University, an Orientalist, a Candidate of Philological Science, an alumna of the ETM program 2018 and OPEN 2020 Alumna; Media trainer, Translator, Interpreter, Co-author, and Expert of the first “Media literacy (MIL) House” in Sughd supported by USAID; Business Mentor in Technovation Girls International Program.

Husniya Mamadsafoeva

Husniya Mamadsafoeva has been working in secondary school for more than 15 years.
She is an alumna of the Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (Fulbright TEA).

Ilene Giamanco

Ilene is a native of California where she earned her M.A. degree in TESOL at Biola University. Since then, she’s moved to Middle Tennessee where she earned her credential in K-12 ESL and 5-8 English Language Arts. She’s been working as a secondary teacher for 10 years with a focus on language through literacy and content. Last year, she was a Virtual English Fellow for VietTESOL where she trained K-12 teachers in Vietnam offering strategies to encourage collaboration and conversations in the virtual classroom. She is a current fellow at Tajik State Pedagogical University. 

Jamoliddin Fathoev

Jamoliddin Fattoev has 10 years of teaching English experience. He earned a bachelor’s degree in the English language, from Kulob State University. He is an EFL teacher and teacher trainer. He trained hundreds of English teachers in the Khatlon region. He took part in the “Exploring the World of English Language Teaching Course”. He also gained 120 hour TESOL Certificate from International Council for Online Educational Standards. He is a graduate of ETM (English Teaching Mentor) and the OPEN programs by the U.S Embassy in Tajikistan. Now he is working as an English teacher in the Vose district in Lyceum #1.

Khayriniso Gulomaydarova

Khayriniso Gulomaydarova graduated from Khorog State University (2002) with a diploma in English. She earned her Master’s degree in Sociology from Osmania University (2010) in Hyderabad, India. In 2010, she joined the School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) of the University of Central Asia (UCA) and up to the present she has been involved in different English programs teaching in the Conversational English Program, Academic Achievement Program, and Post Graduate Preparatory course. Khayriniso was a presenter at a CATEC conference in 2013 with the topic, “Critical Thinking through Sounds.”

Khurshed Abdulloev

Khurshed Abdulloev is a language instructor who has a passion for helping students reach their potential. He is a goal-oriented educator with 6 years of experience in the education field. He has taught students within the English Access Microscholarship Program for 2 years and in the past 2 years is working with the SPCE of the University of Central Asia in Bokhtar. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Bokhtar State University in Foreign Languages Studies, specializing in English Language Teaching. Throughout his journey as an English teacher, he has attended a number of workshops, teacher training, and conferences. He also had the opportunity to attend teacher training sessions within the English Teaching Mentor Program conducted by the U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe.

Laylo Rahimova

Laylo Rahimova is a teacher of English, tutor, and trainer at Dushanbe International School (DIS) of Tajikistan. Laylo holds Bachelor’s degree in Teaching English and Translation. She is a Train-the-Trainer-qualified teacher and teacher trainer with more than 8 years of teaching experience. She participated in the Fulbright TEA Media Literacy program to strengthen her professional skills and gain the knowledge needed to make a difference in her workplace and in the community at large.

Linda Chu

Linda Chu, an English Language Specialist, has taught English as a Second/Foreign Language (ESL/EFL), English for Specific Purposes (ESP), and Trained Teachers since obtaining her M.A. in TESOL at Eastern Michigan University. As the Assistant Director of Global Programs at the University of Arizona, she led a team of Content Developers, wrote proposals, trained teachers, and organized groups to study at the university. Linda was an English Language Fellow where she led intensive teacher training workshops in Tajikistan. Her interests are in Second Language Acquisition, English as a Medium of Instruction, and English for Specific Purposes. Her current Specialist assignment is working with teachers at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Lisa Mann

Lisa Mann has enjoyed a long career in the field of applied linguistics and over the years has worked as an English language instructor, program director, teacher trainer, and translator. In 2017, she worked with the Peruvian Ministry of Education to develop the national curriculum for English for adult basic education. In 2019, she served as an instructor and interim academic coordinator for Webster University’s newly established MA TESOL program in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Two years later, she worked with the TESOL International Association to co-develop and co-deliver the blended TESOL Core Certificate Program as part of Uzbekistan’s ‘English Speaking Nation’ initiative, a large-scale project designed to sharpen the skills of up to 15,000 secondary school English language teachers all over the country. She currently lives and works in Spain.

Liz England

With an academic career in the United States and on five continents, Dr. England has been a TESOL member since 1981. She has enjoyed contributing to projects focusing on educational program design, implementation, and evaluation for universities, ministries, and private and government agencies. As a TESOL Coach in Uzbekistan in 2021, her career was enrichened by the opportunity to work in Central Asia with excellent veteran teachers. In addition, Dr. England has traveled extensively in the Middle East and North Africa on both short- and long-term assignments in over 30 countries worldwide. Author of many books, chapters, and journal articles, my recent research focuses on career path development and she published the first book on the subject in 2019, TESOL Career Path Development: Creating Professional Success. New York: Routledge – Taylor & Francis. Dr. England looks forward very much to her first virtual visit to Tajikistan!

Madina Siddikova

Sidiqova Madinakhon is the Candidate of Philological Science and a teacher of English at Khujand State University at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. She has more than 10 years of teaching experience including domestic and international experience. She has multiple awards both local and international in the field of teaching. She has conducted a number of projects in Teaching English as a Second Language across the Sugd Region. She is alumna of UGRAD, OPEN, ETM, and FLTA.

Maftuna Jumaeva

English Teacher, Tajikistan.

Manizha Davlatova

Manizha Davlatova teaches English to locals and the Tajiki language to foreigners. She started teaching English in 2012. She has 3 years of experience teaching Tajiki. Manizha Davlatova holds her Ph.D. in Linguistics. She is an alumna of Fulbright FLTA in 2021-2022. She has also been to India, Delhi 2019 in the ITEC program.

Marhabo Kholmurodova

Marhabo Kholmurodova has a BA in Linguistics (English and French Languages) from Khorog State University, Tajikistan, and has obtained a Certificate of Education from The Aga-Khan University Karachi, Pakistan. In 2018, she got a scholarship from the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to participate in the Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program. Currently, she is working with the School of Professional and Continuing Education at the University of Central Asia, (UCA) as an English Language Instructor and a Teacher Trainer. Moreover, she has participated in a number of conferences. She won a scholarship to be a presenter at the CATEC conference in 2013 and made a presentation on Critical Thinking in English Language Learning and Teaching. In addition, she is an English Language Coordinator of the Association of Teachers of GBAO.

Mariya Dolmatova

English Teacher, Tajikistan.

Mavzuna Odinaeva

Mavzuna Odinaeva started teaching at a young age when she was a student herself. Then through volunteering at American Space Kulob she got many new skills. She is an alumna of the Online Professional English Network (OPEN) Program. She studied TESOL Methodology and got acquainted with many new teaching approaches and methods. She is an English Teacher in the English Access Microscholarship Program (Access) in Kulob for 2022-2024. Currently, Mavzuna is an undergraduate student at Kulob State University named after Abuabdulloh Rudaki.

Mehrangez Abdulloeva

Abdulloeva Mehrangez is an English teacher. She is an author of a number of articles. In 2022, she defended her Ph.D. In 2020, she completed a course in Continuing Professional Development under British Council. She has several international certificates from PD training such as Mythbusting, Communicative Approach training, Extended education through teacher and new pedagogic approach, and EWB online intensive course for English teachers.

Mehrangez Navruzmamadova

Mehrangez Navruzmamadova is an English Teacher with more than 15 years of teaching experience. In 2017, she participated in Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program which ensured her with confidence and knowledge that she uses in her daily teaching. She participated in ETM-2018 and OPEN-2021. Those programs widen her horizons and views on teaching.

Mehri Niyozshoeva

Mehri Niyozshoeva graduated from Pedagogical University by the name Sadriddin Aini. She has 10 years of teaching experience. Mehri Niyozshoeva participated in the Life Skills (LSP) Program where she was teaching adults for two years. Mehri Niyozshoeva regularly participates in the EWB, British Council, and Worldwide English Practice online webinars.

Mohira Shonizorova

Mohira Shonizorova has a track record of successful teaching and education reform and has been teaching students of all levels. Mohira Shonizorova attended Khorog State University (KSU) and received a diploma in linguistics. After successful completion at Khorog State University, she joined the Foreign Languages Faculty at the same University where she taught a variety of English classes. In addition to this from 2017 to 2019, Mohira attended workshops for the English Teachers Association organized by UCA’s School of Art and Science where she presented a range of topics on teaching methodology.
From April 2022 she actively participated in the English Teaching Mentor (ETM) Program.

Munavvar Zaripova

English Teacher, Tajikistan.

Mutriba Ismoilova

English Teacher, Tajikistan.

Nasiba Mirpochoeva

Nasiba Mirpochoeva works as Director of English Without Borders Network, the U.S. Embassy’s sponsored project. Nasiba Mirpochoeva is also an alumna of two USG Exchange Programs – Fulbright FLTA Program at Indiana University, Bloomington in 2006- 2007 and CSP (Community Solutions Program), IREX -2015 in Oklahoma State, USA. Since 2009 she has successfully implemented more than 15 projects funded by international agencies like US Embassy, GIZ, World Bank, DRC, and DFID during her work at PO ASTI. Moreover, she has been an ASPBAE Executive Council member since 2017.

Parvina Rizoeva

Parvina Rizoeva graduated from the Oriental Languages Department of Khujand State University, where her majors were Arabic and English languages. Her teaching career began in 2006, immediately after she graduated from the University with a Diploma of Excellency. She teaches English Grammar, English Practice, English and American Literature, English Stylistics, and the Theory and Practice of Translation at Khujand State University. In 2017 she participated in the English Teaching Mentor (ETM) program. From 2020 up to the present, she completed MOOC on Integrating Critical Thinking, MOOC on TESOL Methodology, the two-month OPEN course on Integrating Critical Thinking into the Exploration of Culture in an EFL Setting, four-months Virtual training on international conference proposal writing strategies sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Tajikistan, RELO and U.S. Department of State. In March 2022, she was fortunate to participate in TESOL Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In September 2022, she took part in a Summer School at Ca Foscari University of Venice, Italy.

Parvina Sodiqova

Parvina Sodiqova is an English instructor who teaches beginning to upper-intermediate students in an educational center. In addition to managing the
English curriculum for the center, she runs an after-school program where she works one-on-one with students. Parvina holds a Bachelor’s degree as a tour guide in English and Chinese languages.

Parvina Yaqubova

Parvina Yakubova has graduated from the Khujand State University, Department of Foreign Languages, and holds a master’s degree in Linguistics. She’s been teaching English since 2013. She’s now an ESL teacher, the Head of the Teachers’ Department, and the English Access Microscholarship Program Instructor at NGO Gurdofarid.
She’s completed a TESOL Methodology Course at OPEN Program and an English Language Professional Development Trainings series sponsored by the US Embassy. She is currently a Ph.D. student in the Linguistic field, the Theory of Translation.

Parviz Jamalov

Parviz Jamalov is a passionate educator and public speaker with 13 years of experience in knowledge-sharing. He is a proud alumnus of the US Government-funded Global UGRAD program. So far, he has delivered more than 180 workshops, training sessions, seminars, webinars, presentations, lectures, and inspirational talks to a diversified audience in Dushanbe, Khujand, Khorog, Bokhtar, Vahdat, Nebraska, London, Moscow, Seoul, Bangkok, Almaty, and Bishkek. He is a recognized speaker in Tajikistan as he has talked at a number of local, regional, and international conferences. In the spirit of “ideas worth spreading”, he played a pivotal role in a number of community initiatives aimed at educating aspiring youth of Tajikistan. As a recognition of his efforts, he has received a number of awards.

Robiya Majidova

English Teacher, Tajikistan.

Saadi Toirzoda

Saadi Toirzoda graduated from the Kulob State University in 2018 and worked as a Specialist in the Career Development and Innovation Center, English teacher in the English Access Microscholarship Program (Access), and SMM assistant at the American Space Kulob. He has coordinated the ASK Debate Club for 3 years and organized several debate tournaments. Currently, Saadi Toirzoda is an Outreach Coordinator at the U.S. Embassy in Tajikistan. This year Saadi Toirzoda was included in the Top-10 Bloggers of Tajikistan for his educational blog @zabonomuz.

Salmonsho Orzuev

Salmonsho Orzuev holds his Bachelor’s degree in Teaching the English language as a foreign language. He has been working as an ESL teacher for 7 years. He is an alumnus of the English Teacher Mentor (ETM) Program 2016 in Tajikistan, where he received first-hand experience from foreign experts. He has led several teacher training in Rasht District with young English teachers. He has participated in CATEC 2019 in Nursultan, Kazakhstan. In 2020-2021 he has served as FLTA Foreign Language Teacher Assistant at Kansas University in the USA. Furthermore, he has received small grants funded by the US Embassy to empower young English teachers in the Rasht region. He is a member of TESOL. He is currently working with the English teacher in the English Access Micro Scholarship Program in Rasht District.

Sayli Navruzbekova

Sayli Navruzbekova, an English language instructor at Aga Khan Lyceum, Khorog, GBAO. She graduated from Tajik State Pedagogical University, named by Sadriddin Aini, English language faculty in 2005. To develop her teaching skills, she has participated in many training and programs, English Teaching Mentor (ETM) Program of them, which she has finished in 2019.

Shamsiya Safarova

English Teacher, Tajikistan.

Shohnazar Odinazoda

English Teacher, Tajikistan.

Sitora Khayrulloeva

Sitora Khairulloeva is a senior teacher at the Ainy Tajik State Pedagogical University. Sitora Khairulloeva is an alumna of the English Teaching Mentor (ETM) Program, the American English (AE) E-Teacher Program, and the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Sitora Khairulloeva is the author of more than 20 articles and two books: “English-Tajik short stories” and “From Reading to Speaking”.

Subhiddin Raupov

Subkhiddin Raupov is an English teacher with almost 7 years of experience. He is an alumnus of ETM and Global OPEN Online Courses. As a teacher trainer Subhiddin trains and motivates other teachers in his community. In addition, he has also obtained a series of TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Certificates from Cambridge Assessment International Education so that to broaden his skills and opportunities in teaching.

Tatyana Letyaikina

Tatyana Letyaikina is the President of the Association of Teachers of English in Kazakhstan (KazTEA) since 2015. In this position she has initiated and implemented projects for EFL in- and pre-service teachers across Kazakhstan in cooperation with KazTEA partners: Regional English Language Office in Astana, British Council, Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan, Oxford University Press, etc. The projects like “Village Project Renaissance” (funded by Hornby Educational Trust, 2019) or “Advanced English for Media Literacy in Kazakhstan” (funded by RELO, 2022) are implemented across the country and cover various fields, like interactive teaching, STEAM, online/blended teaching or teaching media literacy competences. In close cooperation with local TEAs T. Letyaikina has developed teacher-training curricula and materials that meet local teachers’ interests and needs. In cooperation with the KazTEA Board T. Letyaikina arranged 7 annual conferences across the country for EFL teachers, both pre- and in-service, from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to share their teaching experiences in compliance with the current trends in TEFL.

Thomas Topham

Thomas Topham has 25+ years of experience in international education with a focus on teacher training and curriculum design. He has worked in more than 30 countries all over the world, most recently in China and Uzbekistan. His current focus has been on integrating EFL with STEM, Media Literacy, and critical thinking. His current work includes cooperation with Lingua in Kyrgyzstan and a variety of freelance consulting and independent projects.

Yayra Abduraimova

Yayra Abduraimova loves teaching and is passionate about motivating others to find their English-language personality. She started teaching English in Tashkent, Uzbekistan at the university. She is a self-directed, action-oriented EFL teacher with over 22 years of experience in education. She is a co-author of a number of books on English Language teaching. She is the head of a department at Uzbek State World Languages University. She has been involved in the projects of the British Council. Experienced in developing curriculum as well as conducting teaching training. She gained her TESOL and CELTA certifications to broaden her opportunities in teaching. She attended Trainer courses in NILE (Norwich Institute of Language Education) and the International Visitors Leadership Program in the USA.

Zarrina Sultanova

Zarrina Sultonova is alumna of Fulbright TEA program 2021, Fayetteville, USA. She has 15 years of teaching experience at educational institutions and private schools in Khujand. Aside from being a teacher at school, Zarrina Sultonova is a Curriculum Lead at NGO TajRupt that focuses on preparing students to study abroad and enhancing Critical Thinking and Civic Education. She implemented several projects jointly with NGO TajRupt, UNICEF, and UNDP in Tajikistan that was centered around Competency-based learning and income-generating activities for youths from rural areas of Tajikistan by using an English language curriculum.

Zebo Nabijonova

Zebokhon Nabijonova is an English teacher at Khujand State University with over 10 years of teaching experience. She got her Master’s Degree in 2017 and in 2019 she started research work. In 2017 she participated in the English Teacher Mentor Program with 95 hours of professional training and got a Certificate of Completion from the United States Embassy in Dushanbe. It should be noted that after completion of the Mentor Program she conducted a series of trainings for English teachers in three rural secondary schools (Isfara, Devashtich, Asht) of the Sugd region.

Zeboniso Murodova

Zeboniso Murodova holds a BA degree in foreign languages English and German at the State University, Qurghonteppa after Nosiri Khushrav. She has been active in education development for 18 years and focused on teaching English as a foreign language, soft skills, extracurricular activities, reading skills, teaching girls digital and media literacy skills, project-based learning, and promoting leadership and volunteering in Levakant, Bokhtar, Kushonion districts. Zeboniso Murodova is an alumna of two U.S State Department programs: Teaching Excellence and Achieving Program and Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant, Tempe. She won many national and international awards. In the summer of 2022, she was one of the EWB Master Workshop grant awardees. She has participated in local, regional, republican, and international conferences. Currently, she works as coordinator of the English Resource Center based at Bokhtar State University.

Zuhal Tursunboeva

Zuhal Tursunboeva has been working as an English Instructor for seven years now. This remarkable journey gave her a phenomenal opportunity to help her students in their studies through the most effective approaches. Currently, Zuhal Tursunboeva is working on creating new programs for professional and personal development. Also, she is busy with conducting professional and personal development training for English teachers. In the future, Zuhal Tursunboeva is planning to enlarge her teaching career and continue helping English instructors in their personal and professional development.

Zuhro Murodova

Zuhro Murodova earned her BA degree in foreign languages English and German at the Tajik State Pedagogical Institute by the name T.G.Shevchenko in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. She has 46 years of teaching experience. She is the holder of the Distinguished Teacher
Award. She was one of the EWB Essay contest Winners. In 2022, she was an EWB Master Workshop finalist. She conducted EWB Master Workshop for 10 English teachers on “How to Teach English with Limited Resources” in Levakant.

Zulaykho Mazorova

English Teacher, Tajikistan.