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  1. mukaddam abdurahmonova January 11, 2023

    Good afternoon dear English Without Borders . I am i Abdurahmonova an english teacher at school 27 in village of Unji destrict of B.Gafutov. Sugd region. First of all I am very happy that I am a memmber of ewb team. I always use from teaching resources to my students and i think so that all activities, webinars and handbooks are very useful . If evry english teacher knows this website it would be better . because we can find majority the best information that we will encrease our knowledge, our pedagogical skills and at last to reach our goals and to be success in teaching. Thanks the ewb I have learnt professional development of my job and prepared my students to offline and online olympiadas . Now I want to gather my collageus and share my teaching practics. I have been working part time at the language centre of “Intellect ” for 3 years . I hope that by introdusing the ewb websites and explaining benifites of being member of it however it would be better for 35 english teachers of village Unji. I only want from the ewb that please join me to your team such as volunteer . Thank you so much. Good luck to ewb team .

    • admin_gl February 15, 2023

      Hello! Thank you for your kind words! Please contact our regional representative in Sughd region Munavar Zaripova:

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